Projects Overview

The SFB program comprises 13 scientists, 7 female and 6 male, with a complementary expertise in molecular biology, protein chemistry, structural biology, cell biology, experimental animal models and clinical research. The group of scientists has published more than 2000 papers, reviews and book contributions and their work has been cited more than 58.000 times. A detailed description of the curricula and the publications of the involved scientists can be found: 3. Research Program-Description of the project parts. A short description of the scientists and their projects in an order reflecting the research topics follows below. As indicated in the description of the SFB concept, each of the projects contributes to the unifying overall goal of the SFB i.e., to develop novel preventive and therapeutic concepts for allergy and therefore requires intensive collaborations between the groups working in the field of molecular and cellular allergology and those who work in vivo in animal systems and patients. Within their detailed project parts the applicants have described in detail the collaborations planned for the current SFB program (see: 3. Research Program-Description of the project parts: Position within the SFB, internal collaborations). Furthermore, the common publications of the applicants in the period 2006-2011 have been highlighted in the publication lists of the applicants to demonstrate the previous collaborations (see: individual project descriptions).


Rudolf Valenta
01. Coordination project

Susanne Vrtala
02. Strategies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of house dust mite allergy

Karin Hoffmann-Sommergruber
03. Structure function relationship of food allergens: towards novel therapeutic and prophylactic concepts for food allergy

Walter Keller
04. Structural analysis for the evolution of allergens towards new vaccines

Rudolf Valenta
05. Towards prophylactic vaccination of allergy

Erika Jensen-Jarolim
06. Development of mimotope vaccines for preclinical and comparative medicine studies

Sabine Flicker
07. Allergen-specific antibodies for therapy and prevention of allergy

Heimo Breiteneder
08. Recombinant allergen derivatives and adjuvants to direct dendritic cells

Winfried F. Pickl
09. Modulation and control of allergen-specific T-cell responses in humanized allergy-mice

Barbara Bohle
10. The immunological basis of clinical tolerance to allergens

Peter Valent
11. Identification of novel markers and therapeutic-targets in IgE-R cross-linked mast cells and basophils

Ursula Wiedermann
12. Parasite-derived adjuvants for prevention and therapy of allergy

Verena Niederberger-Leppin
13. The nasal mucosa as site for therapy and prevention of allergy

Zsolt Sz├ępfalusi
15. The development of normal and allergic immune responses in childhood and its manipulation by allergen-specific interventions